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Young Faculty Research Award - Friday, May 14, 2004 at 10:15

Contributed by Shyamal Dasgupta, 80 MetE. Please contact him directly for your questions and/or comments about the project proposal. Contact information is provided at the end of this news item.



May 14, 2004


Dr. Amaljyoti Sengupta,

Vice Chancellor,

B.E.College (D.U),

Shibpur, India


Re: Young Faculty Research Award by B.E. College Alumni Association – Washington Metropolitan  Area (BECAA-WMA)



Dear Dr. Sengupta:


As agreed by you all in a meeting on December 22 , 2003 at your office when Dr. Prabir K. Bagchi visited you, we are enclosing the terms for the Young Faculty Research Award to be launched this year.


Members of the B.E. College Alumni Association – Washington  Metropolitan  Area (BECAA-WMA) feel very strongly about improving the research profile of their Alma Mater. We do hope this award will provide some impetus among the young faculty members to undertake path-breaking research about which B. E. College used to have a good track record. The members fondly remember their days and years spent at the college , and this is just a token of our appreciation of the untiring efforts of the members of the faculty who, despite heavy odds, are carrying  out high quality research since the college was founded in 1856.


We believe that B. E. College deserves special recognition by both the central and state governments due to its contribution to nation building for almost 150 years and we hope that continuing efforts to raise the research profile will lead to recognition of B. E. College as an institute of national importance.


Please let us have your formal acceptance so that we can start inviting formal applications from the faculty .





Tapas Som                                                                                                                       Shyamal Dasgupta



Young Faculty Research Award




The Washington Area B.E. College Alumni Association would like to establish an annual Young Faculty Research Award for excellence in research publication. All full-time faculty members of B.E. College (Deemed University) in one of the Engineering / Technology disciplines meeting the following criteria are eligible to apply.


·        Not older than 40 years on the date of application

·        If the applicant has an earned PhD or an equivalent degree, such a degree should have been earned not more than ten years before the date of application (having an earned PhD or equivalent degree is not a mandatory requirement, as long as the applicant is a full time faculty member of B.E. College (Deemed University)).



 Number and size of awards


There will be one award for the academic year 2003 - 2004 for an amount approximately Rs. 1,00,000.00 (Rs. One hundred thousands only). The Washington Area B.E. College Alumni Association would like to set up a permanent endowment and has plans to continue this award on a yearly basis.



Selection for the Award


The award will be solely based on the publication of a research paper in an internationally reputed  peer-reviewed journal in the applicant’s area of specialization no more than 12 months before the date of application.


Research may be based in a single department or be interdisciplinary and involve multiple departments. For joint research projects, the faculty award will be equally shared among the participating faculty members.


Selection Process


Application Deadline:  October 31, 2004 (application cannot be submitted before May 31,2004 for the 2003 -2004 academic year award)


Application Form: A copy of the application form will be made available in the Website by May 15 2004. The applicant must submit the filled in application form and a copy of the research paper that the applicant wishes to be considered for the award.


Selection Committee: Selection will be done by a committee constituted of B.E. College alumni or other distinguished academics having an interest in B.E.College. The selection committee will not include members of the current B.E.College faculty or administration.


Selection Criteria: The quality of the peer reviewed journal in which the applicant’s research paper has been published will be the primary selection criteria.


Multiple authors: In case a submitted research paper has been co-authored by more than one applicant, the applicants will share the award equally.


If none of the submissions meet the primary requirement of having been published in an international, peer reviewed journal of significant reputation, no awards may be made. However, it is the intention of Washington Area B.E. College Alumni Association that the award money be carried forward and used to encourage academic excellence in B.E. College in some other appropriate manner.


Applicants will be informed by Jan 31, 2005.




Dr. Tapas Som: 71ME,

Mr. Shyamal Dasgupta, 80MetE:





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