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BECDU Approached WB Govt - Sunday, May 02, 2004 at 07:14

Note from Dr. Santanu Karmakar, 83 ME on May 2, 2004. BECDU also submitted a formal request to MHRD, Delhi to convert BECDU to an IIT/INI on April 6, 2004.  

I met with Shri Jawhar Sircar, the Principal Secretary of Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal with the following letter on 29.04.2004 and submitted the document. He assured me that the decision of sending our proposal to the MHRD, GOI for elevating the status of BECDU to an IIT may be communicated to us after the ensuing Loksabha election.

Best wishes,
Santanu Karmakar


Shri Jawhar Sircar, IAS                                                                                                             April 29, 2004

Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department

Government of West Bengal,

Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700 091



Subject: Proposed Elevation of Bengal Engineering College (a Deemed University) to an Institute of National Importance like I. I. T.- Shibpur.



This has reference to the meeting held on 15.03.2004 in the chamber of the Chief Secretary in which the Chief Secretary Mr. Ashok Gupta, Mr. Shyamal Gupta, Kajal Gupta of NASA and yourself participated in connection with the elevation of the status of Bengal Engineering College

(a Deemed University). You had then requested Dr. Kajal Gupta to send a detailed proposal to you for consideration. Dr. Kajal Gupta, in turn, has referred the same to me and asked me to contact you as his representative (POC) and deliver the detailed proposal to you. Pursuant to that I wish to communicate with you through this letter.

You must be aware that the Bengal Engineering College is a pioneering institution in the history of technical education in India and has been turning out excellent engineers for nearly a century and a half. The alumni of this premiere institution have helped the nation in industrial development and in the expansion of technical education after independence. In the past, B. E. College was considered to be the trendsetter in engineering education in India. Over the past few decades, it has slipped far below the elite institutions in spite of having an excellent teaching and R&D capabilities. Paucity of development funds is one of major reasons for this sorrowful situation.

It may be noted here that in recognition of the services rendered to the nation, Bengal Engineering College was elevated to the status of a Deemed-to-be-University in 1993. However, in spite of this new status, the State Government has never been able to provide an annual grant of more than Rs. 25 crores to Bengal Engineering College (a Deemed University). In contrast, Government of India provides an annual grant of Rs. 100 crores to IITs. Thus, it is obvious that State Government grant to BEC is not only too meager but is also definitely inadequate in bringing back its previous eminent status.

We, therefore, on behalf of BEC alumni urge you to initiate the process of elevating the Bengal Engineering College (a Deemed University) to the status of an IIT. This, in return, will allow the institute to receive an annual grant of about Rs.100 crores. Only then it will be possible to impart technical education of highest standard at par with other leading technical institutions in the country and enhance research and postgraduate activities. This would also help the State Government to divert the funds allocated for B. E. College for utilization for development of other institutions in the State.

In this context, it may also be emphasized that a gap of around Rs.75crore annually can never be made up by way of raising funds through donations on a perpetual basis.

A detailed report pointing out our case for consideration and onward transmission to the MHRD, Government of India for favourable consideration is enclosed herewith.

We hope you will give proper consideration to our appeal and request the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India for its upgradation as proposed. I look forward to hearing a positive response from you soon.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Santanu Kumar Karmakar)

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bengal Engineering College (a Deemed University)

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Comments by Readers
Comments by Tapan Pradhan from India on Thursday, June 10, 2004 at 20:11 - IP Logged
BEC being the 2nd oldest Engineering college should get proper importance nationally & also internationally. Roorkee has already got an IIT status. Thereis no point of stoping BEC on getting IIT status. Over the year it has served our nation by giving lots of Engineers. Infact our alumi list is as reach as any IITs. We deserve a IIT status. Lets together we start to have this.
Comments by Pronobesh Banerjee from United States on Tuesday, May 25, 2004 at 11:32 - IP Logged
I think to get IIT status ,College Syllabus and Lab facility to be updated and enhanced Continuosly.At least I can say bout Electrical Dept, following a very Old syllabus,they should modify it to cater current indutrial needs,
2001, Batch
Comments by Siddhartha Banerjee from India on Thursday, May 13, 2004 at 08:43 - IP Logged
We should start lobying for the making of IIT Shibpore, otherwise I am afraid we may loose our ground and dreams to convert BEC to IIT. Govt of India may point out there is already one IIT in WB. On the other hand WB govt may also point out BEC been "extremely important" to technical education to WB, it may not loose it to Central Control.
Comments by Abhijit Mukherjee from India on Wednesday, May 05, 2004 at 00:50 - IP Logged
can't agree more with Anand. If we are asking for IIT status we must show that we have all the fundamentals in place to deliver as an IIT. Rough numbers would be
- at least one international publiation per faculty
- Ph Ds awarded annually at least 10% of faculty strength
- Masters awrded annually at least 30% of faculty strength
These criteria are low by International standards but even IITs have lagged behind the international norms. So, this is a good starting point.
Comments by Anand Singh from United States on Tuesday, May 04, 2004 at 11:51 - IP Logged
I feel we need to stress more on the status (IIT) to be provided on the grounds that we have already produced a substantial amount of Engineers dedicated to the development of the country. Also, an IIT status will boost our morale and will befittingly award us with the work done by the college. Lets showcase our technological prowess and mention how its just short of being a breakthrough due to lack of right kind of support, financially and in terms of international repute.
Comments by Prabal Choudhury from Canada on Monday, May 03, 2004 at 10:17 - IP Logged
Now that proposal for upgradation of BEC to IIT has been sent by V.C., we should start lobying in Delhi and our
alumni members like Dr.Goldar, Principal of DCE, Prof. Ray, Director of SPA, DR. Sengupta, MD of FITT and Amitava Bhattacharya IAS (71 Mech.) and other senior members can help BEC to a great extent.


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