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Awards distribution ceremony on Feb 23, 2019 - Wednesday, March 06, 2019 at 21:45

Scholarship, Research & Alumni Fellowship for Excellence Awards Distribution Ceremony 2018-19

Like previous years GAABESU Scholarship, Alumni Fellowship for Excellence Award and Research Award Distribution Ceremony was successfully held on February 23, 2019 at M N Dastur Seminar Hall, IIEST.

Following GAABESU officials and eminent personalities were present at the ceremony:


  • Mr. Achyut Ghosh (1961/ME), President of GAABESU

  •  Prof. Pratik Dutta, (1990/MIN), Professor of Mining Department, IIEST,  Working President, GAABESU

  • Mr. Somnath Sinha Ray (1987/ARCH), Secretary, GAABESU

  • Prof. Arabinda Roy (1976/ETC), Professor of ETC Department, IIEST, Treasurer, GAABESU

  • Lt. Col. Anjan Kumar Ghosh (1976/ETC), former PICSA, IIEST, Chairman of Scholarship Committee, GAABESU  

  • Mr. Rajdeep Dutta, (1988/EE) Global Co-Ordinator of Scholarship Committee, GAABESU  

  • Prof. Santanu Kumar Karmakar (1983/ME), Professor of Mechanical Department, IIEST, Dean of International Relations and Alumni Affairs, IIEST

  • Prof. Netai Chandra Dey, (1986/MIN) Professor of Mining Department and Dean of Student Welfare

  • Prof. Subhasis Bhaumik, Professor of Aerospace Department and Dean of Research and Consultancy

  • Prof. Parthasarathi Mukhopadhyay, Professor and Head of the Department of Architecture, Town and regional planning

  • Dr. Arun Deb (1957/CE), Former President and member of EC6, GAABESU

  • Dr. Amitabha Ghosh (1962/ME), Former Professor of IIEST, IIT Kanpur, former Director of IIT Kharagpur.  National Professor of Science and Technology.

  • Dr. Prabir Neogi, (1962/CE) BECAA CANADA representative and Member of EC6, GAABESU

  • Mr. Syama P. Datta, (1967/CE) Former President, GAABESU

  • Mr. Amitabha Datta, (1974/CE), Former Working President, GAABESU

  • Mr. Sitangshu Ghosh (1980/ME), Member of EC6

  • Mr. Prosenjit Chakraborty (1987/EE) former Joint Secretary and member of EC6, GAABESU


    The program was conducted by Mr. Rajdeep Dutta, Global Co-ordinator.  He welcomed the dignitaries to the dais.  GAABESU President Mr. Achyut Ghosh welcomed the distinguished guests, Donors and their relatives, GAABESU Officials, awardees and other students. He explained the need of present students to keep in touch with Global BEC fraternity. Thereafter Mr. Rajdeep Dutta requested Prof. Santanu Kumar Karmakar to deliver his address.  As he was the First Secretary of GAABESU, he explained the formation and the struggle period of GAABESU, initiation of GAABESU Scholarship committee and its journey.  He specially mentioned the contribution of the Global coordinator Mr. Rajdeep Dutta and Mr. Swapan Saha (resident of USA) to make the overall scholarship program including this particular ceremony a success. Thereafter Lt. Col. Anjan Kumar Ghosh Chairman of Scholarship Subcommittee explained in details the background and purpose of the Scholarship awarded by GAABESU since 1998.    He further expressed his sincere hopes that the recipient students will also feel for the needy students and extend meaningful help to them. He mentioned that this year total no. of Scholarship is 146. The table of the Scholarship and Awards are given below:  







Name of the Award




Research Award




Excellence Award




InnoVision Award






12000, 6000


Book Grant










Thereafter the Scholarship award ceremony started, at first Research awards then Excellence Award and lastly Scholarships. Rajdeep Dutta called all recipients one by one.  All present dignitaries handed over the awards to the recipients. Donor of Madhusudan Bhattacharya Memorial Research award, Dr. Dilip K Bhattacharya present at the ceremony and handed over his award to the recipient. The memorial fellowship named after Dr. S.S. Boral was handed over to the recipient by his daughters Mrs. Rama Sinha Boral and Jonaki Panja and Mrs. Rama Boral expressed that her father loved his students very much and he berthed his last among his students. Dr. Boral was the founder of electronics department in BE College, whereas, Prof. Naresh Chandra Bose was one of the Three-generation B E Collegiate. Prof. Pratik Dutta handed over the Award of 1990 batch excellence in Leadership". Somenath Ghosh Memorial Award for All-Round Excellence Award handed over by Prof. Pratik Dutta, Mr. Chanchal Kumar Khan, and Prof. Santanu Kumar Karmakar.  Father of late Soumya Bhattacharya Mr. Shyamal Bhattacharyya was present to hand over the Memorial Award for excellence named after his departed son. 1988 batch Silver Jubilee excellence award was jointly handed over by Rajdeep Dutta and Prof. Santanu Kumar Karmakar. Dr. Prabir Neogi handed over Smt. Uma Rani Neogi award for academic excellence to the Girl student who was the topper till last 6th Semester. Dr. Arun Deb handed over the award of Suhas Chaudry Memorial excellence in Swimming.   This year 1990 Silver Jubilee batch started an award for Innovation named ‘Innovision Award’. The award was handed over by Prof. Pratik Dutta and Prof. Santanu Kumar Karmakar to the recipient.  Smt. Meera Roy & Bimal Kumar Roy Memorial Scholarship, Ranajit Kumar Ganguly Memorial Scholarship handed over by Mr. Jayanta Ganguly brother of donor Ms. Anjana Ganguly Roy.  Minati Sarkar & Amalendra Nath Roy Sarkar Memorial Scholarship handed over by Mr. & Mrs. Barit Roy Sarkar (89 ETC). During the ceremony, Prosenjit Chakraborty and Somnath Sinha Ray (1987) mentioned about their friend Late Amlan Basu, when the scholarship instituted in memory of him was awarded. Few other donors were also present and awarded their respective scholarships.


The ceremony concluded with vote of thanks to the chair given by GAABESU Secretary Mr. Somnath Sinha Ray.


Report by: Mrs. Tultul Roy, Office Manager, GAABESU




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