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School Bell Project - Another alumni success story - Sunday, December 25, 2011 at 12:28


The VoIP Trial- First Time in India - (School Bell Project)

During a visit to the BESU campus in January 2011, Sumitra Sinha (‘79ETC and GAABESU EC member) was thinking if it will be possible  to establish a new communication laboratory using one of the latest technology, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

She wanted to help her Alma Mater by way of introducing this new technology to the BESU students so that they can learn and explore this area of telecommunication and most importantly gain some hands-on experience with the VoIP project experiments.

As a Senior VoIP Architect at AT&T, Sumitra had worked with Ms. Carol Davids, an industry leader and Professor of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, for her Tele-communication research projects. Professor Davids has already developed a VoIP lab in her college campus of IIT. Sumitra teamed up with Professor Davids to introduce the very first VoIP project so both the institutions can help each other and make inter-campus phone calls over VoIP technology.

Ms. Sinha described the VoIP project to the students and challenged the then third year (current final year) students of Electronics and Telecommunication, who were passionate, to do something off the curriculum for the amelioration of the university. The brief introduction of VoIP was followed by strong support provided by Prof. Ajay Kumar Roy, VC and Prof. Arabinda Ray, HOD, Electronics and Telecommunication Department who urged every student to contribute to the progress of the project.

With the basic introduction of the VoIP project, the VoIP Laboratory was set up at BESU when the administration allotted Laboratory space.

The BESU and IIT, Chicago team were situated at two opposite ends of the globe; however, the distance was not a barrier for the students.

The entire class was divided into five groups who worked coherently to achieve the goal successfully. It was Rakesh Tripathi, a student of the same class, who was given the most precious onus of leading the entire company. Apart from that there were five sub-leaders leading each group. Next task was to get the pre-requisites from the other end i.e. receiving the training materials and VoIP documents from Carol Davids, Director of VoIP Research Lab IIT, Chicago. Once those were received, all the groups got involved in reviewing them and getting things clarified. A timeline was proposed which was broadly met throughout the peregrination. Internet speed was drastically improved to support the transmitting voice call over internet. Progress of the project was regularly reported to Prof. Davids and IIT team through Skype calls. Trixbox server was installed in the computers available in the IMPACT laboratory, which has been operating successfully. The first successful results were obtained when an intra-department call was perfectly carried out in March, 2011. A virtual presentation was exhibited on “Student Colloquium on Real Time Communication” sponsored by IEEE, Chicago Section. Currently the team is working on installing requisite servers and different components of the “VoBESU” system in the newly formed “VoIP” lab in the fourth floor of the department. India’s first ever fully dedicated VoIP lab is all set to get off in style by early January, 2012 when Sumitra revisits her Alma Mater.

P.S. 1-Nov-2011- Ericsson visited BESU campus for recruitment. 17 of VoIP team members made it through. During interview they were astonished as well as exuberant to hear the about the work students have done in the next generation VoIP technology  which they are currently working.They asked about the system architecture, about detailing of each of the software, servers, processing.They were very happy with the way students explained the whole thing.

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Comments by M K RAYCHAUDHURI from India on Sunday, December 25, 2011 at 18:39 - IP Logged
News about VOIP is very heartening


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