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Financial Aid to BESU Students: 2011-12 Kick Off - Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 21:42


We are pleased to inform you that the following incoming students were provided financial aid from GAABESU's "Admission Grant Program".  It is needless to mention that they would not have been able to join our Alma Mater without this grant, due to their financial constraints. We welcome them to our BESU fraternity.
1. Tanmoy Pakhira   Rs.10,000.00
2. Arpita Das       Rs.15,600.00
3. Zinder Ali Shaikh  Rs.15,000.00
4. Anirban Naskar     Rs.10,000.00
5. Sanjib Singh       Rs.15,000.00
6. Suman Bapari       Rs.13,000.00
First five candidates received grants from a corpus fund of Rs 10 lakhs raised by GAABESU under the leadership of Asim Deb, '77ETC. Donation for the sixth candidate came from Soumitra Chatterjee '82ARCH. Details of admission grant program are available at
These "Admission Grants" may be considered as the gate pass.  Once, they  join  BESU they will be eligible to apply for various other GAABESU-sponsored scholarships/fellowships which provide financial support to continue their undergraduate studies. Presently, GAABESU offers a no. of merit scholarships and fellowships in excellence (leadership, academic, athletic). Following links provide more information regarding GAABESU Scholarships and Fellowships in Excellence.

If you wish to support students by initiating a new scholarship or fellowship in excellence, please contact us. We will launch our 2011-12 selection process to award scholarships/fellowships very shortly. Your donation may qualify for GAABESU life membership (depending upon the amount) with an opportunity to name the award after your loved ones.  Donors in USA (USD payment) are eligible for income tax benefit (Indian donors will soon get the similar benefit once GAABESU receives 80(G) approval).
Through generous donations of an alumnus and a well-wisher, we are starting a new fellowship program from this year to provide incentives to quality research at the undergraduate level.  This new category, an extension of students financial award, will be called - GAABESU Research Awards and is meant to  underscore the importance of research in engineering and technology. The research work should be of quality to be presented/published to national/ international events/journals. Please note additional information will be available at our web site and will be broadcasted via e-mails.
If you like to know how many ways GAABESU supports our present students to continue their studies and excel in various ways and support them, please contact GAABESU Office.

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