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Charity Begins at Home - Friday, November 21, 2003 at 12:33

Written by Piyali Ray (Dey) (BEC 1990 Arch), TX, USA.


Giving is a personal decision, but making an informed choice about giving is important. My intent is to reach out to all the BEC Alumni residing in USA who are earning in US$. 

Your actions and generosity have the potential to transform the lives of many meritorious students to a bright future through higher professional education in a reputed historical technical institution in West Bengal, BE College, Shibpur. 

Please donate to the BEC Scholarship fund!! During end of the year when you turn in your tax return earn back your dollars as the US Govt. encourages donations from corporation and individuals. You should make sure that your charity is making the most of these tax efficient giving. Through the continued effort of the US Alumni Association, the BEC Alumni organization has been legally established as a non-profit organization where you can donate and get a tax relief and engage in a safer giving. So, it is a Win-Win situation. 

My name is Piyali Ray (Dey) (BEC 1990 Arch). I came to US in 1994 and since then I have made US my adopted homeland. I completed my MBA with a major in Finance from Rice University, Houston. It has been 3.5 yrs that I am working at Dell Inc., a reputed multinational in the high-tech industry. For the last few years of my work in US, I have been donating to several non-profit organizations apart from United Way (e.g. Asian Women’s Organization for Battered Women, Red Cross Society and Rice University where I went for my graduate study).  

However, for the last few years I have been looking for an opportunity to invest my $ in an Indian organization of my choice where I can payback my honor to the homeland where I was born and educated. I chose the BEC Scholarship Fund as my valued option. My grandfather (1935 batch), father (1959 batch), elder brother (1988 batch) and I (1990 batch) hail from this institution. So, I hold an emotional tie to this institution and I regarded it as my best choice. I have pledged a certain $ amount from my paycheck every two weeks till I am with Dell and it is in memory of my Late father, Mr. Dipak Kumar Ray. 

The College Administration agreed to support this scholarship program because we’re all committed to providing access to higher education to thousands of young people.

We will open our doors to a brighter future of our country. 


Note from the USA Alumni Scholarship Committee:

Besides Dell, Sun Microsystems also donated to the Scholarship Funds matching its employee's donation. Another multinational, SAP, is approached to donate to the Funds. Please check with your employer for similar matching program. You make a difference in the lives of individual students while establishing a tribute to an honored friend or a relative and rececive tax benefit. All donors receive annual update on the program.   

For the current year, we received 44 applications for only 11 scholarships. Almost all of them are very qualified (80%+ in HS and 75%+ in BEC exams) and financially challenged (family annual income between INR 6K to 20K) and almost all of them are from rural Bengal. We need help from you all to make sure all qualified candidates get Alumni Scholarships. 

For one time donation of US$ 2500 will create a new scholarship, to be named after donor's loved one. The scholarship will be published to the undergraduate BECDU prospectus. A donation of US$ 1000 will help us to award a scholarship, also named after your loved one, for 4 years. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Alumni volunteers involved with the projects bear all administrative expenses; including stationary, postage, long distance phone bills. Moreover, hosts the alumni web site free and its developed are done by volunteers. 100% of donation goes to specific project (VLSI Lab, Scholarship).


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