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BECAA-Maharashtra - Monday, November 17, 2003 at 17:18

Submitted by: Achintya Das, 1968 EE



Arijit Ghosh Dastidar (‘99 E.E) 

Amidst the numerological change of time, digits keep changing. And yet another Durga Puja …have flown away. It was the best of times, the season of Light suffused with springs of hopes and prayers.

With curtain coming down on the puja festivities, it was as usual the time for Bijoya Dasshami.

Recently Bengal Engineering College Alumni Association-(BECAA)-Maharashtra reunited with pomp and pleasure to search the wondrous alchemy of the heavenly spirits of Bijaya Sammelani at the RCF Youth Council Garden, Chembur, Mumbai on 18th October’2003 evening.  

The evening canvas was busy and vibrant to trace the locus of life’s some of the most happening moments. The spirited reunion of BECAA members along with their family members christened itself with divinity to frame the terrestrial hall of immortality. It was the time to get submerged in the turbulent flood of joy amidst the nostalgic amazement and wish each other a very happy peaceful life ahead. Many a old young hearted friends rediscovered each other after several years.  

This pompous grand occasion was inaugurated with a very thoughtful Welcome Speech by our beloved Jahar’da ( Shri J.L. Gangopadhyay ‘67M.E. ) with delicious sweetie Sandesh reception brought by our dear Achintya’da ( Shri Achintya Das ’68 E.E.). Jahar’da welcomed the new members of BECAA with passionate rose buds. The “Welcome “ ceremony was a dignified occasion of the confluence between new members with their seniors at BECAA …a togetherness of the young and the old under the loving and caring umbrella of our BECAA.

To facilitate the transportation of members along with their family members to the venue, a bus service was arranged from CBD Belapur to the destination enroute Nerul & Vashi.

Souvenir 2002~2003 with a colourful and artistic cover (designed by Dona, elder daughter of our beloved Achintya’da) was brought out and distributed with fun & flair amongst BECAA members.  

It was a breezy evening. The sweet voice of Shri Bipul Biswas with rapturous falls really awakened the softened echoes of heaven’s hall. Satadal with his rhythmical Guitar and Kaushik Basu with his powerful musical impacts of Tabla made the sweet warblings of Bipul Biswas to quake the mortal earth of our very own inner soul. But the creative flights of fancy did not stop there.

Recitations by Manas’da (Shri Manas Samanta ’81M.E.) enthralled everybody. As the evening turned older and the night became younger, our very own splendid Subrata’da (Shri.Subrata Mukherjee ’66C. E.) transpierced through all the searching souls to touch the ultimate tempest ecstasy of the feeling hearts of all BEC’ians and their family members present there. Subrata’da in his own power of creativity became the undisputed emperor of the evening. He led the evening’s journey with his legendary creative BEC’ian parodies. The more important synchronized rhythmical strokes of Tabla by Mainak’da (Shri. Mainak Mukherjee ’70MET) made the spirited Subrata’da’s heavenly chaste joy voyage silently through the breezy late evening of the Bijoya Dassahamii.  

With the shadows of delightful ecstasy tracking down the fire of freedom, it was the time to sculpture the visionaries of the King of Melody. The harmonious rhythms of the Synthesizer by young Sreejit (Son of Sanjay’da – Shri. Sanjay Chakraborty’81M. E.) poured the ultimate divine ambrosia of esteemed melody into the thirsty hearts of all.

Children’s of the BECAA family, who excelled in their academic track, were felicitated individually with an inspirational memento for their future endeavors. The gala event was the grand confluence of many eminent luminaries of the illustrious BECAA family. The high profile presence of Prof. Soumitra Banerjee from IIT Kharagpur and Pallabi Chatterjee (‘80ETC) from Boston ‘USA was a very pleasant feeling for all of us. Recently Soumitra’da (‘81E.E) won the highly acclaimed prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award in Engineering Science, 2003. Pallabi’di is having her own Networking Hardware Company Arantcomm Inc at Boston USA. Both Soumitra’da and Pallabi ‘di were present in Mumbai regarding a Seminar at IIT Powai. 

Amidst the passionate Bijoya Sammelani-2003, it was felt that BECAA ought to be more vibrant and active. Members of BECAA –Maharashtra ought to be more active .The association is an affectionate satellite of our beloved Planet-BEC. Our existence is ‘of the BEC’.’by the BEC’ and ‘for the BEC’. 

It takes all sorts to make up an occasion memorable. To keep up the cultural heritage of BECAA, with great enthusiasm and the inherent basic instincts of “BEC’ian Purkii “, the Core Committee of BECAA have, indeed, done an incredible thing in organizing such a wonderful event. The gala occasion rejuvenated the spirit of our togetherness. It was a fusion of creativity and culture, glamour and glitz. An intense feeling of euphoria did the necessary brushwork to breathe life unto the canvas of the cheering hearts of the dew-dropped evening.

Thanks –“Core Committee –BECAA” for putting such an excellent unified hard effort in organizing the entire event. 

The long stretched perfect delicious Dinner under the open sky was next on the cards. 

With rhythms circling the spirits of flower-caressing sport of music, BECAA and their family members enjoyed the solemn passion of the gentle night. It was a miniature painting of a fusion of festivity and a nostalgic reunion.  

With clocks tickling towards the midnight, at last it was time to draw the curtain unto the stage.

It was time to good wish each other. Let us be led from Darkness to Light and from Ignorance to Wisdom and let us be blessed to be illumined. Let us gather the passion and spirits to achieve adorable milestone to crescent honors, splendors and victories vast! 

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Comments by Readers
Comments by Subha S Ghosh from United States on Wednesday, November 19, 2003 at 19:36 - IP Logged
It's a very nicely written article - almost a literary piece. I am very impressed with the way the whole thing has been presented. Looks like our alumni association in Bombay is a group of very vibrant, vivacious people. Best wishes to everybody.
Subha S Ghosh ME '81
Comments by sujan bhattacharya from United States on Wednesday, November 19, 2003 at 14:55 - IP Logged
My Dear Arijit:
Thank you for presenting the anecdote of BEC reunion in maharashtra so nicely. Your report brought back memories of some of my 81'batchmates.
Sujan Bhattacharya, Civil'81
Atlanta, GA, USA


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