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Successful Alumni Projects Series - Scholarships - Sunday, November 13, 2005 at 11:26


This article is a joint effort of a virtual global alumni team ( The article is compiled and is co-ordinated by Rajdeep Dutta, 1988EE, Muscat, OMAN.

BESUS Alumni Scholarship Programme – A Global Bonding of the Past and the Present


Alumni of erstwhile Bengal Engineering College, currently known as Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur (BESUS), not only cherish the memories of 4 or 5 years of their golden days during their formative years at the green residential college campus, but also have been active in raising funds through generous voluntary alumni contribution whenever some alumni had come up with a proposal of helping either a student or enhancing the infrastructure of their alma mater. A few landmarks in the college created through the alumni-donated funds are: Computer Network (Local Area Network - LAN), Purabi Das School of Information Technology (PDSIT), Ganapati Sengupta VLSI Laboratory (Computer Chip Design Laboratory), Promoda Lodh Laboratory for Mobile Computing Research, Mini-auditorium (Seminar Room). Several other successful alumni-sponsored projects are also pointers towards the achievement of their Alma Mater.


Alumni are proud of the alumni scholarship program, which has drawn the highest number of alumni participation all over the world. This program is becoming more popular because it not only provides a bridge between the alumni and the current bright but financially weak students (mostly from a rural background), but it also gives them personal satisfaction in getting directly involved with the future alumni of their alma mater. In the process, they pay partial debt to the Govt. and the taxpayers who had supported B E College in giving them subsidized education. This also is creating a right value among the current students in BESUS to become successful professionals in the future, and has set an example of extending help to other needy students in their career.


Alumni of BESUS happily announce the Alumni Scholarships Program for year 2005-06 have selected 34 bright but needy students of BESUS to receive scholarships amounting to a total of Rs 3.40 lakhs this year [Complete List for 2005-06, PDF]. Additionally 4 book grants of Rs. 1000 each will also be awarded this year to four students. Alumni from India, Middle East, and North America worked together in organizing the scholarships program. Constant coordination was maintained with Vivekananda Youth Circle (VYC), a campus based organization of students-faculty-staff of BESUS, for this purpose. Alumni are aiming at increasing the number of scholarships to at least 50 (scholarships amounting to a total of Rs. 5 lakhs) for the year 2006-07 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of their alma mater. The objective of this effort is to enlighten the financially constrained students of BESUS to focus on their career, becoming responsible alumni and developing a culture of cooperation & gratitude in them.


The seed of this effort was planted several years ago when a few alumni in the USA met and discussed the possible ways of showing gratitude to their alma mater. California residents, Subrata Ghosh (1984 ME) and Swapan Saha (1988 EE) proposed starting of a scholarship program with limited resources in 1997. This had triggered the process of collective participation in launching larger projects in helping the alma mater. They also launched an alumni web site, in 1998 which has been adopted by the Global Alumni Association as its official website. The site, available for 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week, provides the list of donors, criteria for the award of scholarships to the current students in BESUS, names of scholarship recipients, and all the other relevant information on scholarship program. Tanmay Das (1986 CST) residing in Virginia and Sripati Bhattacharya (1963 EE) residing in California joined the team of Subrata Ghosh & Swapan Saha and raised a fund around US$ 40,000 to award more than 12 scholarships every year from its interest. The team had received a non-profit status (NGO) in the USA. The team has helped the BECAA - USA chapters in awarding more than 70 scholarships to deserving students of BESUS till 2004.


Elizabeth Sengupta residing in Indiana (USA) and wife of late Ganapati Sengupta (1959 MetE) had said, "My husband strongly believed that education had been one of the most important key to his success in life, which influenced him to create funds to help young people in continuing their education. Before leaving for the heavenly abode he often expressed his wish to fund scholarships for engineering students at Bengal Engineering College. Till his death, he was actively searching for a legitimate and monitored channel to distribute such scholarships to the students. After his expiry, I have found the website for the Bengal Engineering College Alumni Association, which is offering opportunities to fund such scholarships."


Arunabha Saha (1966 CE) and Anuradha Saha (1969 EE) staying in California are strong proponents of the alumni scholarship program. They have donated funds to award 3 memorial scholarships in the name of their parents. Their decision certainly offers a tribute to the departed souls while providing the way to set an example of creating a difference in the lives of individual students. Other notable alumni namely, Prabir Bagchi, Sripati Bhattacharya, Saswata Misra, Piyali Ray,  BECAA Southern California Chapter and 25 other alumni have also donated generously in this program along with the family of alumnus late Satyabrata Roy

[USA & Candian Donors List].


Around that time, the faculty and students of B.E. College along with a few alumni started a similar mission under the banner of Vivekananda Youth Circle (VYC) to help financially weaker students studying in B E College. Since 1995, VYC has been awarding the Vivekananda Youth Scholarships. Initially the fund for the scholarships was raised from the contribution from the faculty members and the students of B E College. Later, generous support started arriving from the alumni in India, Oman, Kuwait and UAE, who joined hands with VYC in this mission. Arun K. Deb, Anupam Bagchi, Sanjib Chaki, Sougata Roy, Joydeep Bhattacharya, Sanjoy Ghosh and others also supported the program individually. In 2004, VYC had awarded a total 14 Vivekananda Youth Scholarships to the needy students of BECDU (now BESUS).    


B. E College Alumni Association (BECAA) - Kuwait chapter has not only shared this pride of belonging to this community, but also showed its desire to be counted with its humble and insignificant contribution. Since its inception in 1999, Kuwait chapter stood firm in its commitment to support and share the noble endeavor of VYC to financially support the needy and meritorious students of BESUS, whose aspiration to brighten their future otherwise would have remained unfulfilled. Kuwait Chapter is currently awarding 2 Scholarships of Rs.10,000 each and 2 book grants of Rs. 1,000 each. This year Kuwait chapter had assured that their sincere effort would be towards increasing the number of scholarships in the coming years.


United Arab Emirates (UAE) chapter contributed 3 scholarships in 2003 and 5 in 2004. Somnath Sinha Roy (1987 Arch) from Abu Dhabi had sent a draft for Rs. 60,000/- to VYC on behalf of UAE chapter to sponsor 6 scholarships this year. In addition, Tapan Kumar Gautam (1978 E&TC) is continuing his sponsorship for one scholarship per year, which he had started in 2003, and Tanusree Chakrabarty & Nirjhar Chakrabarty, an alumni couple (both 1991 CE) based in Dubai are sponsoring one memorial scholarship this year.


BECAA - Oman chapter, Muscat, was inaugurated in February 2005 and the Advisory Board & Executive Committee were officially formed in the First General Body Meeting. A total of 35 alumni & their families had attended the meeting. A proposal of giving Alumni Scholarships to the current students in BESUS was supported overwhelmingly by all the alumni present in the meeting, and a scholarship fund was raised immediately with the spontaneous support of the members. The fund was sufficient to award minimum 3 scholarships in 2005. Later on completion of the selection process, on behalf of the Advisory Board of BECAA -Oman, Muscat Prof. (Dr.) Dipak Chaudhuri (1968 ME) had sent a draft of Rs. 30,000/- to VYC. In addition, Rajdeep Dutta (1988 EE) decided to continue sponsoring 2 scholarships which he had been doing each year since 2003. Accordingly he had sent additional Rs. 20,000 to VYC for the two scholarships in 2005.  Soumitra Chatterjee (1982 Arch) and Debjani Chatterjee (1985 E&TC) who had sent Rs. 5000/- to VYC towards their joint contribution to the scholarships fund in 2004, had decided to sponsor 2 book grants & one scholarship, amounting Rs. 12,000 in 2005.    


Alumni in Canada joined other chapters in 2005 to honor late Sandip Sinha (1991 ME) whose sudden demise in 2004 shocked the alumni community. Pranesh Biswas (1990 CE) from Alberta, Canada took an initiative to start a new memorial scholarship in the name of their departed friend.


In 2004 BECAA Maharasthra chapter joined USA team in awarding scholarships to the BESUS students. Achintya Das (1968 EE) coordinated the efforts in Maharasthra chapter. In 2005, Sukanta Roy (1977 E&TC) joined the team and the chapter had increased the number of scholarships to four (amounting to Rs. 40,000) this year.


Alumni activities are being carried out with individual passion and fervor. Since 2003 alumni around the world joined the community of B E College to obtain its rightly deserving IIT/INI status. To leverage the new network among different geographical locations and across batches, it was decided to unify all alumni scholarship initiatives together and run it with a global alumni team in active cooperation with VYC and BESUS authorities.  A global team was formed and a common guideline had been formulated. To unify the selection process, a common application form was distributed to all the prospective students of BESUS. VYC, BESUS and the alumni chapters of North America, Middle East & India worked together and selected 34 students for the award of scholarships of Rs. 10,000/- each.


The chasm between the past and the present will be filled; the international boundaries will be bridged because of our inherent desire to remain unified. This unity and bondage will definitely bring the alumni community, BESUS faculty and the current students closer. The unity and the bondage shall increase with every achievement in the years to come.


[Complete List for 2005-06, PDF]


Please also read for another article on this same "Successful Alumni Project Series" about VLSI Lab. In case you or your chapter wants to join this global scholarship effort, please contact gbecaa AT


Alumni and alumni families in the USA, Canada and UK can contribute to the "Alumni Scholarship Funds" online clicking the following link.



To donate by check/draft in the USA, Canada and UK or donate to the alumni scholarship project in your local country fund, please contact gbecaa AT

The Times of India about the Alumni Scholarship Program

BE alumni pool in for needy students - By Jhimli Mukherjee Pandey/TNN - November 17, 2005

Kolkata: Bright engineering students will no longer have to drop out of Bengal Engineering and Science University (formerly BE College) for want of money. Besu’s alumni, settled all over the world, have pooled in to “adopt” such needy students.

The BESU Global Alumni Association has identified the first such batch of 40 students who will be given annual scholarships of Rs 20,000-Rs 40,000. Students who were thinking of quitting studies because of financial problems were asked to apply on the alumni website with details of their family income and dependents.

On Monday the association sent the aid, in cash, to Besu. The money was distributed on Tuesday. The number of recipients is expected to double next year.

“It took us a few years to get together and start helping students in need. We have been trying to help our alma mater in several other ways by sending funds but we realised that unless we are able to stall drop out of such brilliant students, we will not be fully serving the institution,” Tarun Basu, who graduated in the 60s and is presently director of Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Texas, told TOI.

The idea was first floated in the alumni website by four BESU alumni — Subrata Ghosh, Swapan Saha Sripati Bhattacharya (all settled in California) and Tanmay Das (settled in Virgibia). Alumni from all over USA, Europe, Middle East and of course, India, responded to the request. In some cases where the alumni is no more, his/her spouse has responded. Take the case of Elizabeth Sengupta, wife of late Ganapati Sengupta who graduated from the metallurgical engineering department in 1959 and settled in Indiana (USA). She was aware of her husband’s wish to support poor students of BESU and joined the team.
The Kuwait, Oman and the UAE chapters of the association have not only sent cash for the scholarships but in addition, alumni members settled in these countries have, in their individual capacities, sent endowment funds to support the cause.

“If you go through the academic records of the boys who are receiving the scholarships you will see that most have scored high ranks in the joint entrance examination to enter BESU, but most are again from rural backgrounds, whose parents do not have the income to help their kids continue engineering education in the city. We are glad that our global alumni have come come forward so spontaneously,” said Shantanu Karmakar, teacher of BESU and co-ordinator for the association here.

Another article appeared on a Bengali Newspaper, Aajkaal.

An update from 61 Batch (For 3 more scholarships)

2005 Nov 18

The Registrar

Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur

PO Botanic Garden, Howrah – 711 103

West Bengal, India

Sub:              Sponsoring of Annual Tuition Fees for Deserving 1st Yr Students of BEC

Your Ref:      RMS-1/3730 dated October 24, 2005

Kind Attn:     Shri I N Sinha, Registrar


Dear Sir

This has reference to your above referred letter.

Please find a copy of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ forwarded by you under cover of the above letter signed by the undersigned.

We are sponsoring the annual tuition fees @ Rs 12 000/ - each for a three deserving meritorious first year students of BEC who have genuine need for financial assistance for the year 2005-2006.  Enclosed please find a cheque nr 376445 dt 2005 Nov 16 for 36 000/- (Rupees thirty six thousand only), drawn on Allahabad Bank, Salt Lake City, Kolkata Branch.

We had already sponsored Rs 36 000/- last year (2004-2005) for the same purpose. We would be continuing to sponsor this amount every year.  We are trying to increase this amount to Rs 48 000/-.  This will permit us sponsoring one candidate from 1st year to 4th year.

The above documents are being taken to you personally by our executive committee member Shri Shibaprasad Basu Mallick.  Kindly accept.  Please return the following to him:

1.                  Copy of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ signed by you.

2.                  Receipt of the cheque nr 376445 dt 2005 Nov 16 for 36 000/-.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


Achyut Ghosh

(Secretay BECAA5761)

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Comments by Saswata Misra, 94 CST from Gabon on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at 21:25 - IP Logged
"UGC centre at Shibpur"
News article on BESU in The Telegraph http: // story_5475783.asp
Comments by Arnab Datta from India on Monday, November 14, 2005 at 02:30 - IP Logged
Its quite impresive & appreciable. I have just passed out this year. I can feel the need of this kind of activities. I will be glad to make some contribution in near future, whenever possible.


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